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Our Strength

As a company, we believe in working to our strengths. Possessing the edge and constant evolution have been inculcated as a tradition since the inception of R. A. Kraft Paper Pvt. Ltd. Through the years, we have grown stronger at certain aspects and continue to develop others equally. We have built a holistic and stable organization, with a keen eye on productivity and quality.

R .A .Kraft Paper Pvt Ltd has reached the pinnacle as the leading supplier of fiber and paper products in the country, and continues to grow with equal pace. The right balance of technical expertise, experience and state of the art machinery have contributed to this development.

Our strength emanates from the sturdy, efficient and reliable distribution network established across national and international lines. We have created productive associations with the best companies across the world, involved in the art of manufacturing kraft paper, finished paper products and kraft boards for the market.

Currently, we hold authorized dealership of 60 top class paper mills capable of producing diverse products from kraft paper, waste paper, to duplex paper and stock lot for our clientele.

We have evolved and educated ourselves in every aspect of the trade. An experience of 20 years has imparted to us a better understanding and judgment of products, production techniques, distribution flaws and better logistical management skills.

As a company involved in a trade as multifaceted and diverse as ours, we keep our communication channels open for any advice or complaints. Our customer service executives understand the importance of listening and pay attention to any and every concern that comes in through these channels.

Our fidelity to quality has continued undeterred through the years. We never compromise on quality, while maintaining an effort to bring the most economical deals to our clients.

Infrastructural superiority is another factor that has put us in the big leagues. We possess the machinery and technical prowess that enables us to handle both, bulk and retail orders with equal ease.

Development of technical knowledge is another area, where we have grown in leaps and bounds. Our professionals have amassed technical know how, market information and many other research statistics that have aided our efforts to improve quality and performance.

As a company, we have developed positively, completely and without any compromises to our ethical or business values.

global presence

Growth and expansion on the global scale has always been a key element in the expansion of R. A. Kraft Paper Pvt. Ltd. In keeping with this policy, we have strengthened our international presence to make it a lodestone of our establishment.

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