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R.A.KRAFT PAPER PVT.LTD., deals with Kraft Paper, Duplex Paper, Waste Paper, and Stock Lot.

kraft paper

  • Packaging of

    • Consumer Durables / Household Products
    • Food / Oil Packaging
    • Textile Products
    • Engineering Goods
    • Fruits / vegetables / Flowers
    • Pharmaceutical Products
    • Foods & Beverages
    • Glass & Glassware
    • Ceramic Industries
    • Automobile ancillaries
  • Tubes & Cones

    • Cone Tubes
    • Core Pipes
    • Textile Tubes/Yarn Tubes
    • Edge Guards
  • Wrapping Purpose

    • Wrapping of paper rolls/sheets
    • Furniture Laminate
    • Wrapping
    • Sack Bags Manufacturing

global presence

Growth and expansion on the global scale has always been a key element in the expansion of R. A. Kraft Paper Pvt. Ltd. In keeping with this policy, we have strengthened our international presence to make it a lodestone of our establishment.

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